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Hi, my name is Luis, and I am a Creative Director, Art Director and Graphic Designer for Print, Web and Multimedia.

Design has change a lot since then, technology has evolved, and styles have come and go. But the goal of design has always been the same. You want to solve problems, connect people to your product or service emotionally and serve their needs. I can help you to get this done.

More About Me


  • Creative Director

    Formulate innovative concepts that support a company’s brand, marketing, product, and/or web development goals. Inspire, lead, and ensure that the creative team output adheres to brand standards, best quality and delivers business results.

  • Web Designer, UX and UI

    Develop Web sites, wireframe, and prototyping. Optimization of user experience and user interface. Planning and executing the visual design, layout, features and functionality. Extensive knowledge of Information Architecture, usability and project management.

  • Art Director

    Produce innovative ideas for the visual elements of communication campaigns in all kinds of media; web, print, video and social.

  • Print Designer

    Create design solutions and develop creative ideas and concepts that have a high visual impact and meet the client's objectives.

Latest Project

1 Oct

Living The Promise

The University of California, Riverside, was looking for a full ... more

Latest Portfolio

Throughout my career I had the opportunity to work for many client; big and small, national and international. My work is extensive and diverse. This portfolio showcases only projects I've produce for the past 4 Years.

Full Portfolio

Design is


Made Visual

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  1. Web Design100%
  2. UX Design70%
  3. Brand & Identity100%
  4. Print Design100%
  5. Project Management90%
  6. HTML/CSS370%
  7. Video and Animation60%

Peculiar Statistics

  • Daily Cups of Coffee - 4
  • Apple Products I own - 3
  • Weekly Exercise Hrs - 14
  • Weekly Comic Strips - 3

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