When You Name Your Hard drive, Watch Out for Big Brothers

One of the first things I do when I purchase a new computer (not that often), is give it a name; as I suspect many of you do. To me this moment is almost as important and difficult as naming my own son. True, this one can be change at any moment with a couple of key strokes, but you want to start up with something that talks about the power and personality of your brand new machine.

Web Designers, Get Back Your Self Respect

… and this is [insert your name here] the guy that makes things look good.
How many times have you been introduce like this on a meeting?. I usually feel between embarrassed and insulted. It is not so complicated, if Creative Director is a mouth-full for them, just use graphic or web designer; I bet they’ve considered themselves graphic designers more than once, or so I would say considering the times they’ve come up to my office and tell me how to do my job.

It is Alive!!!


One Thousand Dreams

It’s Alive

& kicking

It was around 1995; a year after I moved to the United States, that I purchased this url. I had make reality one of my childhood dreams; I was living in California. At the time, One Thousand Dreams was hoping to become a web site to reflect many other dreams yet to come, and one thousand seemed a good number.

When Big Type is Not Enough

~ When ~



is Not Enough

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My Advise to Designers: Mind your Hs and Ps

My Advise to Designers:

Mind your

H’s & P’s

The programmer enters my office as a thunder. I can see on his face that once again I must have done something wrong. He is one of the programmers I’ve been working with for the past ten years, so I know he won’t be punching me on the face. But he is carrying a pen-marked print out of one of the comps I gave him last week.