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Living The Promise

The University of California, Riverside, was looking for a full marketing campaign to showcase their faculty stars and their major research. We launched a full communication campaign, that included website, videos, brochure and place ads nation-wide in the major East and West newspapers, as well as research and scientific publications. Big ads were paced on several airports and commercial areas. For each campaign, a multimedia magazine for the iPad was produce and distributed through the iTunes Store.

UCR Online Magazine

The University of California, Riverside, had been publishing a quarterly print magazine for several years. It was distribute mostly among Donors, Faculty and Alumni. Looking at the new and growing, alumni audience ,we needed to give them access to the main articles to be consumed online and optimize for hand-held devices; whether on PC, tablet or phone. We developed a new responsive website, and build multiple templates and widgets that would allow an easy customization for each of the articles as well as facilitate the production of each new issue. Bringing together big images and illustrations with a wonderful use of typography, we ...