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Building Champions

The Athletic Department was looking for a refreshed graphical and conceptual design to launch their new support campaign. With the goal to reach the community and donors; increasing their support, we develop a concept that reflected both sides of our athletes, making them more approachable. The university not only builds athletes, but it build professional leaders, by developing skills that can be used not only on the court but in their future profession and life. Multiple design concepts were presented to the Athletics Department. From print materials, to a micro-site, mailers, and e-mails all created for the full ongoing campaign. At the end ...

Creative Writing MFA

Website developed for the MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts, in Palm Springs. With a graphical approach based on vintage imagery and illustrations, we wanted to communicate the long tradition of this program, and using this in contrast with the modern facilities were the program was done. Website no longer available.

California Center for Native Nations

The California Center for Native Nations, represents the commitment of UC Riverside to research and service benefiting California Indians. The client requested a simple and minimal website that would serve as a presence for the availability to the students for this program.  

LTP Sustainability Ads

As part of the full Living the Promise campaign, a series of ads and posters were created to showcasing the advanced research that UC Riverside is doing in the fields of Health and Sustainability. The design used imagery of students working directly on the field.

Dance Department, UCR

The Department of Dance at the University of California, Riverside, requested the design and development of a website. We understood that any type of Performing Arts is extremely visual and very expressive; particularly dance. After meeting with the client, we learn that their content regarding images was limited, so we decided to make use of a few of those as a big background. This way it would create an impactful visual and add texture to the pages.

The Bourns Difference Microsite

The BOURNS College of Engineering, requested the design and development of a micro-site for accepted applicants. The main goal was to create a website visually striking that would make the students feel they would belonged to a special community, modern and with the latest technology. Every applicant received a mailer containing a "dog-tag" with the College slogan, and access to the site.  

UCR Happines Minisite and Game

Game for the Spring 2013 Online Magazine. Under the theme of Happines, we develop an interactive game of questions and answers in HTML 5 and CSS3. Part of the game was available as well on the tablet version of the magazine .    

Living The Promise

The University of California, Riverside, was looking for a full marketing campaign to showcase their faculty stars and their major research. We launched a full communication campaign, that included website, videos, brochure and place ads nation-wide in the major East and West newspapers, as well as research and scientific publications. Big ads were paced on several airports and commercial areas. For each campaign, a multimedia magazine for the iPad was produce and distributed through the iTunes Store.

UCR Online Magazine

The University of California, Riverside, had been publishing a quarterly print magazine for several years. It was distribute mostly among Donors, Faculty and Alumni. Looking at the new and growing, alumni audience ,we needed to give them access to the main articles to be consumed online and optimize for hand-held devices; whether on PC, tablet or phone. We developed a new responsive website, and build multiple templates and widgets that would allow an easy customization for each of the articles as well as facilitate the production of each new issue. Bringing together big images and illustrations with a wonderful use of typography, we ...