Web Designers, Get Back your Self Respect

… and this is [insert your name here] the guy that makes things look good.
How many times have you been introduce like this on a meeting?. I usually feel between embarrassed and insulted. It is not so complicated, if Creative Director is a mouth-full for them, just use graphic or web designer; I bet they’ve considered themselves graphic designers more than once, or so I would say considering the times they’ve come up to my office and tell me how to do my job.

During my career, managers working with me for years, have used this phrase or something similar to define my job. I am sure many of them have done it with a touch of humor; they know what I have been doing for years (if I have been doing it right), but as a first introduction on a meeting it does establishes in front of the client what they expect your contribution for the projects should be. Making things look good is nice, heck I am happy I can make things look good, but the point is how this situation reflects the idea that many people have about what the job of a designer intakes, and what’s even worst, what it is these managers and their companies expect from you.

I’ve used many situations to clarify what is the job of a professional web designer and I have use the article from Jeffrey Zelman <a title=”What Is a Web Designer, Anyway?” href=”http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=24379″ target=”_blank”>”What is a Web Designer, Anyway?</a> to understand; even myself, what is my job. Check it our and apply it, and make the people around you understand your role.

Get back your self respect, for the love of Buddha!!

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